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Wednesday, 12 October 2011


hyepppp ! yeahh besokk i have paper . bi ! so i need go to sleep now . hmm . as usual i mmg selalu ingat dekat you . im not text you because im waiting your message and i want know how much important me for you . answer you dont give me any msg or call . yeahhh ! mybe you busyyy kot . i mmg tak suka pikir negative even sometimes apa yg i pkir tak betul pon . nvm sayang :) .do whatever you want . just ignore me . nicee ! i rasa i kena terima kot . the fact i bukan dengan you for serious relationship . i love you enough but you love me just in words. kalau you sayang i kenapa you takut nak declare anything dengan i ? kenapa ? you takut apa ? kalau you sayang i you can do whatever for me . and i know family and your friends more important for you i takan kacau apa2 pon . yeahhh . and i rasa you pon tahu macam mana i sayang kan you kann ? so it up to you sayang . im give up :) . i give up bukan senang2  and bukan sebab i tak sayang you .NOOOOOOOOO ! okeyy sayang . im give up because i dont want force you and  look like im too desperate . i love you so much ! and i need you in my life . but ini yang you nak kan . okeyy i do it for you . tak amek berat pasal you lagi . i tak risau pasal you lagi . i tak pikir you lagi i tak call or msg and i tak kacau life you lagi . kalau you betul2 sayang i . you tahu mana nak carikk i kan yunkkk ? and kalau you tak carik i , i'll know  im not the one who important in your life . even it difficult i need to accept too :)  just carry on my life and survive without you baby . nitee ! take care ! 


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