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ayin haridzulzain . 16 only . a student at smk dato bentara luar. i love vintage and style . this is real and this is me. so hater please back off peace :)

Thursday, 13 October 2011


SO SICKKK ! malam jumaat yang indah . i just wanna cry loudly . i need someone hug me and like what i dream someone hold my hand tight protect me from all around me . i think i strong enough to survive but i am not ! im down . oh god! why im feel bad like this . what i want in my life actually ? what i have done ? mybe terlalu banyak dosa i and terlalu mementingkan duniawi untill i can't control myself . YA ALLAH ! KAU PERMUDAHKAN LAH JALAN HIDUPKU DAH JAUHKAN LAH AKU DARI SEGALA MUSIBAH ! malam ni i nak nangis kuat2 and puas2. I HOPE TOMORROW I'LL FINE . AMIN ! NUNYTE . TAKE CARE :) BIG GIRL DON'T CRY AND BE STRONG :)

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