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Sunday, 2 October 2011


hello baby and capital S . today is monday . date 3/10/2011 . and i hope today will be nicee day for me and you sayangg . you keje baik2 okeyy . tak lama je bulan 12 you dah sambung study dekat pulau pinang pulak tu . sure i'll miss you . i just wanna wish you good mrning nak bg msg k phone tak ada . so this blog i always wrote about you . okeyy i need to go nak siap2 i tak sekolah 1 minggu dapat cuti budak pmr . but today i have class 12 untill 2 sejarah and 2.30 untill 5 akaun . you take care tau . i miss you . i miss ur face n voice  . i miss you cium rambut i . 

capital S

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